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Could we get away with playing 4-3-3?

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Buxton Llera Gardner Reda

Lee Prutton/McCabe Helan

JJ Lita Antonio

Would we get away with playing a more attacking style or would it leave us too open in midfield?

Lee & Helan are both natural defenders so surely they'd know not to push up too much and leave the midfield wide open and JJ and Antonio seem more effective the higher they play.


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Guest zico sterland

The system we play now is flexible now and swaps between 4=5=1 .4-3-3 and 4-4-2 depending what is happening on the pitch.a rigid 4-3-3 would leave us lightweight in midfield and teams would overrun us as they were doing in september to November.I would stick with the present system as it works and allows us to have that flexibility and keeps the opposition having to work hard for space.

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Currently using a system that has been doing well and getting results, so why would you want to mess about and change it, giving it an extra couple of games for the players to get use to their new roles for the half chance it could POSSIBLY work out for the better, but a chance it could not work. Also running the risk of losing all the confidence gained from the good run we have been on...

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