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Marlon King

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A lot of talk on twitter saying we could be signing him. Not saying it's definite but I'm just wondering what you would make of the signing?


13 Goals in 24 League Appearances this season is very impressive, him and Lita up front would be dangerous!


He's a bit of an idiot but would take him!

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Guest Sheff Owl

Can't see it, i'm sure there would be many teams in for King and i imagine his wages would be tidy.


IF it was to happen though, it would be a good singing and Dave Jones is known for taking players on that...let's just say haven't had the best of times.

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thread was on ere last week


will go on a free but said to be on 18 k a week at brum ?


KIng and Lita v Madine & COG is surely a no brainer in terms of goal threat ?


Lots are against him cos of his crimes  but as a striker,,,, well,,,,,, ?


Brum fans have 'put up with him' and somebody else no doubt  will


us ???????????

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Get the feeling that Lita was the bigger budget signing this window though.



I'd agree with that.


Although we can never be too certain as so much depends on which players are due to leave.

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