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Away form equals automatic promotion contenders

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Our defense is boss.

I think that is why our away form is so good. We can soak up pressure and hit them when they are pushing for the win.

At home its a different story, where we are struggling to break teams down.

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Guest Distraught!

We need a home away day, or something organising to up the atmosphere at Hillsborough.


How about our players hitting the back of the net a few times?


That might improve the atmosphere a bit.

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Guest Distraught!

could we not get megson in to manage us at home?





There's a suggestion!


Megson gets to manage the team before all home games and Jones gets the away games!


Megson's garden leave is not wasted and Jones gets time to spend with the family.


Pure genious!


lol  gary megson


Brothers in arms!

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Shame about our home form, we should have beaten Leeds and Wolves though.

I think away from home we have the underdog advantage, and by that I dont mean the overall size of our club I mean the current position we lie in. Teams considered us a push over and we were until the last month and now we go away from home with our epic following behind us and really rattle everyones cage.

At home its always a bit flatter for some reason, maybe because the expectation is on the home team and we thrive better away at the moment. If we had a half decent home form we'd be in the top half. If we had another 2-3 home wins.

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