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Had the right mardies on this afters....

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My phone ran out of charge after id checked in on here at eaf time....only had Talk-bloody-sport on where I was working and we only got mentioned the once in the second eaf when Charlton went one up....presumed we'd lost so stropped and mardied about until I got in the van to come back home...thought my head was going to burst when the final scores were read out..... :biggrin:

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I turned on player and we went 1 down. I thought i had bought us bad luck so i switched off and took the dog for a walk. Came back to find we had wont 2-1. Went mad which freaked  the dog and he started humping my leg :) 


Im cancelling my subscription to player now!!!

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Aye...if only I was a 'true fan' .... :biggrin:






Been there.


In a hotel for the Hull match the other week and internet download limit ran out 20 mins into the first half.



It amazes me when the rest of the world doesn't realise how MASSIVE we are. 

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