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Jermaine Johnson's shot

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Fair play JJ...I've NEVER seen a player take a shot and actually put the ball of out of the ground before!


A truly magnificent effort. lol

It was JJ? 


Charlie Nicholas reckoned it was Antonio  lol


Would it've come close to knocking Simmo's pen out of orbit?  lol

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Guest Fulham Fox

It didn't just go on the roof it went over.

Just as well Millwall played last night or there could have been some major confusion on their pitch today. JJ might have even scored at the Den :wacko:

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Just outside the box, has a pop and clears the away stand. Only JJ.

It's actually an achievement he hit it over from there.


Yep- the angle to clear the whole roof on a decently sized stand was quite something.


JJ all over. He'll probably shoot from the same position and put it in the top corner next week. And then hit the corner flag from the same position the week after that against Derby.



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