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W5 D2 L1

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Wolves are dropping like a stone, They've not even had the luxury of a honeymoon period like Ipswich had under McCarthy, mind you that's well and truly over isn't it.


I was surprised Birmingham got three points a Burnley yesterday though but it's really tight though, all of the teams up to and including Charlton are involved.


Wolves next fixture is Leicester away lol

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I think Huddersfield are in trouble.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Brum. They'll either be weakened by player sales, or possibly admin.

I agree but the sacking of Grayson is make or break, I mean the way they were going was one way but with a new man coming in it might sort them out, or it could just do nothing, disrupt the team even more and backfire.


The worst teams in the division atm are Hudd, Wolves and Brum (apart from yesterday).

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Huddersfield are really struggling. Let's see who they get in as manager. It's make or break now for them.

I hope Wolves continue to spiral but I think they've just got too many good players.

Bristol city, Barnsley and one other for me. Probably Peterborough.

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I forgot about Sunflower. He was being quite a cocky git earlier in the season when they were flying. Wish I'd bookmarked some of his posts.


Aye, something about how their midfield was perfectly balanced with quality and experience. How Beckford had just joined and they would be outside bets for the Play-offs...


No win in 13 lol

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Udders are in freefall....was surprised at B'hams win yesterday as they are in a right mess too...im well chuffed for us with this run... long may it continue!! The Brighton game will be a benchmark for how we're progressing next Saturday....hopefully we'll have a real go at them!!! 

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