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Madine not in squad?

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Should do, although don't like changing a successful formation, reckon him and Leroy could be lethal up top.


Hope youre right.. could really  do with something/someone upfront being successful.

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Gonna bag a couple tomorrow.

Him and Leroy upfront, Antonio and JJ on the wings, proper go for it no messin.

So we have two wide players (in your team at any rate), who seem unable to pass the ball to another Wednesday shirt, and who can''t cross the ball, and a centre forward who can't, or won't run, and who seems to like the feel of the pitch on his backside, and the's "proper going for it"? I'd have Lita and Antonio up front, and Pugh and Lee as wide players. Might have JJ on the bench, not sure about Madine at all thoughl.

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The cringiest thing about Twitter is how far up players arses people try to get

Some of our fans tweet time after time to our players as though they are bezzie mates and never get a reply but keep doing it

When Madine tweeted back about this thread the stuff a few fans tweeted back to him made me wanna be sick in my own eyes

Get some dignity owls fans - stop trying to nosh our players off on Twitter



Owlstalk Shop




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