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List our biggest 10 rivals in order..

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1. Pigs

2. L**ds

3. Liverpool

4. Derby (For the 3-3)

5. Palace (For sending us down & wobbler fans)

6. Arsenal (The cups)

7. Barnsley (Always satisfying winning there)

8. Huddersfield (For Recent battles)

9. Newcastle (For the 8-0)

10. MK Dons (stain on football)

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I don't know why people are ashamed to admit rivalries with smaller clubs, they're who we've been playing for the past decade and rivalries is what makes football.

For me I can't stand the blades, there's is always the second result I look for after ours (to lose obviously). The others I don't neccasarily care about unless we're playing them but I'd say:

1) Sheffield United

2) Barnsley

3) Leeds

4) Toytown (mini pigs)

5) Chesterfield

6) Huddersfield

7) Hull

8) Donny

9) Derby

10) Forest

Scraping the barrel a bit at the end there.

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Maybe it's because I sat in the South Stand rather than the Kop last time round, but it seemed to me that the rivalry with the Blunts was more restrained than it had been in recent years. I even saw some Owls fans talking politely with some Blunts outside the game afterwards.


I've felt more ill at ease at games with Millwall, Leeds and Birmingham City. (Especially at bloody St Andrews). That's possibly because those clubs have more than their fair share of idiots looking for trouble.


Anyhow rivalry with the Blunts still top. Followed by whoever else you like. I like a civilized rivalry mind.

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