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List our biggest 10 rivals in order..

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Guest Wirrowl

I can't stand Leeds' guts. End of.

With United, I want them to be doing worse than us but I can't hate em. I mean we all must have Blades rellies. Can't hate them because of that. 


I effin hate Bolton because of all that Megson business. They make my top 3. 

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1. Blunts

2. Barnsley

3. Leeds

4. Chesterfield

5. Rotherham

6. Man U

7. Arsenal

8. Donny

9. Forest



The first 3 i really hate losing to and really love it when we beat them.

Chesterfield and rotherham like to get one over on us if they can.

Everyone loves to beat man utd and the team that shattered our dreams in the cups.

Donny i'm not really bothered about but they are local and probably hate us :P

Forest because they sent us down and they are localish...plus i live there.

Chelsea because of past rivalry in the first division, because they have bought success and we got cannovilled.

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1. Sheffield United

2. N/A

3. N/A

4. N/A

5. N/A

6. N/A

7. N/A

8. N/A

9. N/A


The only real genuine rivalries in football are ones that include two teams from the same city (therefore excluding London). You can stick all your Forest v Derby, Leeds v Huddersfield, Southampton v Portsmouth, Chelsea v Arsenal etc etc etc up your flipping arse.


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I suppose it doesn't really matter if we are a teams rivals in return.

We might put man utd on the list because we want to beat them and hate losing to them.

Obviously blunts are the main rivals but i think Barnsley are rivals too.We love getting one over on each other.

I think the lists are just for fun.I wouldn't take them to heart.

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Guest on the band wagon

Only see pigs as our real rivals, other teams I don't like such as Leeds and want to beat them but its the pigs all the way

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