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List our biggest 10 rivals in order..

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Guest Distraught!

1. Sheffield United

2. Dave Allen

3. Footballing Gods

4. Leeds

5. Sweet & Tender Owl

6. Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps

7. Barnsley

8. Hamilton Academicals

9. Owlsonline

10. Referee Deadman

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1: Sheffield United

2: Leeds United

3: Barnsley

4: Nottingham Forest

5: Rotherham

6: Derby County

7: Chesterfield

8: Huddersfield Town

9: Grimsby Town

10: Hull City

I might well have left some out, but this is how I see it off the top of my head from what I have witnessed in the past decade or so.

Some may baffle others, but some are in there due to a nasty atmosphere surrounding the game and areas around the ground etc.

Although I see these as rivals however minor or major, I only see the Sheffield Derby as a genuine derby.

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For me it's just them. Pigs. Nothing comes close to a Sheffield Derby. Family members f##king despise each other for a few hour. The pure hatred tickles me.


L**ds I just pity.


Like alanharper says, it doesn't go any further than that.


Dingles are pointless, Rotherham want to be Pigs, Chesterfield I don't mind.


In the Prem I despise Liverpool. Always have, but we'll not be playing them for a while.

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1. Sheffield United

2. N/A

3. N/A

4. N/A

5. N/A

6. N/A

7. N/A

8. N/A

9. N/A


The only real genuine rivalries in football are ones that include two teams from the same city (therefore excluding London). You can stick all your Forest v Derby, Leeds v Huddersfield, Southampton v Portsmouth, Chelsea v Arsenal etc etc etc up your flipping arse.

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