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Football fans demand £20 away ticket price cap

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Fans are demanding a £20 limit on the price of away tickets amid fears that the growing costs will hit match attendances, affecting the atmosphere of games.

The country's largest supporters group has launched a campaign to make football more affordable.

The Football Supporters Federation's 'Twenty's Plenty' drive aims to get clubs to peg the cost of away tickets.

It comes after Premier League club Manchester City recently returned over 900 tickets for their trip to Arsenal after fans refused to pay £62 to watch their team.

The FSF described the action a 'watershed moment' and is hoping to bring together rival sets of fans to speak with one voice.

The first in a series of meetings nationwide takes place later in Manchester for fans of all clubs to attend.

The FSF wants clubs throughout England and Wales to agree to charge not more than £20 for away match tickets (£15 concessions).

FSF Chairman Malcolm Clarke said: "Away fans, in particular, are the football industry's best customers.

"When the cost of transport, accommodation, food and drink are added to the bill, the concern is that fewer supporters will be able to afford to follow their teams when they travel. If fans don't attend, the atmosphere suffers.

"That's why the federation supports cutting ticket prices at all levels of the game."

He added: "There's enough money going in at the top of the game to enable a reduction in ticket prices throughout the game."

The action comes as new figures show revenues are up 10% at the game's top clubs.

The world's 20 highest-earning teams in Europe brought in 4.8bn euros (£4.03bn) last year, according to the Football Money League published by Deloitte.

Real Madrid has become the first sports club to generate annual revenues in excess of 500m euros (£420.5m).

Players' salaries eat up nearly half of all revenue earned through match day sales, commercial activity and broadcast rights.

While clubs at the top end of the European football market are all seeing growth in all three of those areas, players' wages are also rising.

Mark Roberts, a consultant in the Deloitte Sports Business Group, said: "For a football club, no matter where they are, probably the biggest cost is the wage bill, both the players and the wider staff costs."


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Guest Ripley Owl

Well done to the fsf the official response from arsenal football club and others will be interesting

I predict a polite politically correct but firm flip off

Correct and with the new rules coming in next year I can't see any of the big boys bowing to pressure from a fans group.
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It's about time. 


We always get hammered away from home because of our large following and It does my head in. Not a lot of clubs cater for students either, so my son ( well me ) has to fork out for an adult ticket.


Look at that at Middlesborough last November, £12.00 for them and £27.00 for us and no Student prices.

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Absolutely no chance !


Then all football fans have to unify and boycot away matches, they will soon change their tune if no one is attending. 

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It's about time people can't afford tickets travel and a bit of food your talking 100 quid if its alondon game. I remember going to Bristol other season we went down on the train with hotel and travel and ticket was about 150 quid. Leeds charge 36 quid derby charge about the same make it affordable for everyone.

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Thing is, your away fans are your die hard fans who are more likely to pay the inflated prices. The financial fair play rules SHOULD help reduce costs and therefore ticket prices, but you can see it not happening. The way I see it, there are 2 routes...


1) clubs will need to charge more in order to increase there income and hence their available money to spend each season

2) clubs will need to pay players/agent less in order to make sure they don't overspend.


The tricky part for the clubs is finding the balance, cos if they charge too much, no-one will come (simply supply/demand type stuff).


Fans will need to vote with their feet and I don't think its any coincidence average attendances are falling in general.

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About time too! Not just the top prem clubs that are at fault. £34 for Leeds is ridiculous!

i think this game should be boycotted by our fans to show that we wont be held to ransom!i for one will not attend as much as i love away days uto
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Guest Banno's Wedge

Some one should order a mass protest were for one date no one in the country goes to any game

Yep that's,a reight IDEa...


Sounds like a plan.


Neil can't you liaise with like minded forums and start the Big Guns Boycott Day?

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