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jason scotland ....

Guest wednesday machine

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Looks like its silly season on here were we just make random names up

Nope don't want him another as been

I know.

I mean what type of idiot would come on here to mention shîte rumours.

I can't get my head round it, can you?


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Oh dear


just an opinion which is purely football based and wanting to see us stay up in our current situation (money etc) 


no one in their right mind is condoning what King done - would think especially those of us who have daughters


but i think sometimes you have to take emotions out of an equation 

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Guest James Junny

Er yes please . Just any striker right now, any striker will do better than ours. Scotland would do well for us, as would rob earnshaw, Simon church, marlon king just flippingsign a striker before sidebe extents his loan.

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