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jason scotland ....

Guest wednesday machine

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Guest intercity0wl

Looks like its silly season on here were we just make random names up

Nope don't want him another as been

Its not a made up name, i'ts a real one, i have seen him play in real life and all that, its also a no from me as well tho.

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Guest Teetowl

5 or 6 years ago, yes. But he would have cost more than 350k

But then again the same could be said for fat Ronaldo, Edgar David's and Ronaldonho.....

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Personally I would like to see him on a 6 month contract with a view to an extension. His goal scoring record on the championship is superb!!

Regardless of age a short term contract with incentives could be something that could get the best out of him. His age doesn't make him an as been

He knows where the back of the net is in this league...he has done it before

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Guest wilyfox

strange - i just posted on marlon king thread andfor some reason this guy entered my head as well


been linked when megson was here


No from me


he would be a Lidl signing - not that theres owt wrong wi Lidl but we need to do better


Of the 2 King is better player - **despite his crimes**

Oh dear

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