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Miguel Llera and Jose Semedo, all round nice guys...

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We were at a restaurant in Hillsborough Sat night after the Wolves match near a table seating a large party that included a couple of families with young children.


The kids were being "kids", animated and active but not quite annoying around our table, and we thought nothing of it, even interacting with them at times throughout the evening.


We polished off deserts and asked for the bill, and were puzzled when the waitress enquired what bottle of champagne we preferred.

Looking totally flummoxed, she explained that some footballers were offering us a bottle to apologise for their lively children.

Further investigation revealed that the footballers were Miguel Llera and Jose Semedo and their families that were dining nearby and the champagne was their offering to compensate for their children's behaviour.


We graciously accepted their kind offer with many thanks, insisting they were no trouble at all, but were touched by their fine gesture.


Bottoms up to Miguel and Jose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(in a cheers, drinking kind of sense, of course...)

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Guest CowshedLad

If you did end up having a go at their kids, You wouldn't have had to have done much to send Miguel to the floor! lol

In all seriousness he's a top bloke, always involved himself with the local community projects whilst he was in MK. A sense of pride than we brought him out out semi-professional football in the lower leagues of Spain and he's made a living for himself quite successfully in English football - Good on him!

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During pre season in portugal, these 2 had so much time for the few owls that waited for the team after the games. Miguel nearly missed his lift for insisting that he signed autographs or had pictures took with every supporter waiting. Shame some of the other pre-madonnas weren't as supporting.

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