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Trumping in the kop

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Guest Teetowl

Full respect to that man. It takes a lot of time and effort to conjure up a truly rancid gufter. Sometimes days of getting the right balance of beer and fast food to create the right blend.

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Any photos of that area Neil so we can shame them :picnic: or was you too busy with the fan cam.Seemed to be mostly in the 2nd half.Proper cabbagey carrotey sproutey smells.



Just fixing the site as it's now allowing uploads...


I've got some classic shots today inc the four wolves tangos on the front row of the west upper


Owlstalk Shop




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Guest markowl123

on top of kop there was these two guys singing 'he farts where he wants, he farts where he wants, that phantom farter, he farts where he wants'


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Guest chuckie4570

You could also blame the horse burgers sold around the ground at various vendors


They work a treat on peoples guts and mix it with 10 pints of John Smiths finest and it's a recipe for disaster!!

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