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latest from winterwatch in Blades car park

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I like it how when United are doing badly (or worse than their terrible history suggests is their regular level, anyway), they try and lump us in with their lack of success at the same time with comments about the state of Sheffield football. The state of Sheffield football was apparently never in question during their decade of not-being-very-good-and-not-winning-anything-but-being-slightly-better-than-us.

We are doing OK at the minute and for all many of our fans question Jones' management, they'd love a manager half as good as him instead of Castaway.

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I am in fear that Agent Wilson is being found out. He should have left it a little longer before starting the fall down the league, the big danger is he may get sacked and the worst nightmare is that they appoint Adkins.

Haha, that's a laugh.

Adkins will have his pick of future Premier League jobs, certainly amongst the lower to mid table teams. A bit like when Newcastle sacked Houghton, his reputation only really went up from there. He won't have to go down to manage sh*t League One play off teams any time soon.

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