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FAO all those Jones Out/Adkins in loonies...

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This season he took a promoted side, made Southampton the 6th biggest spenders in the country, and promptly had them wallowing at the bottom of the premiership. Never had experience of the big time and probably never will, apart from this brief flirtation.

Wallowing in the Premiership is just a dream for us at the moment. I think Adkins is a terrific manager.

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Lots of talk Adkins wouldn't come here................


but he would, Nige understands the size of this MASSIVE club,,


if ever his path crosses with ours, just enjoy the ride because it would be a long & fruitful future.


but fate seems to have dealt the hand that Nige didn't get sacked during DJs 7 defeats, but during us being top of the form guide instead!

 (although if you look at the home & away form guide DJ has only sorted half the job) 

that's why I not confident today, cos we at home............ but come on DJ PROVE ME WRONG,      3pts an a performance to boot  (please)

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