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100 years of the South Stand

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In 1899, Wednesday moved from their first 'own' home at Olive Grove to Owlerton, taking the main stand with them brick-by-brick.


Originally the newly built North Stand was deemed the 'main' stand at the new home ground, but in time the small size of the Olive Grove stand opposite became more of an issue - in 1912 the ground had hosted its first FA Cup semi-final and the financial rewards on offer for hosting such games drove the directors to make the decision to change the ground forever.


Renowned stadium architect Archibald Leitch was paid £500 to design and build a new stand, stretching the length of the touchline, to replace the antiquated Olive Grove enclosure.


On 6th September 1913 the new stand, although still not fully finished (a roof had yet to be added) was officially opened for the game with Manchester United, and was deemed a fantastic success by all.


The basic structure of the stand has remained untouched ever since - in 1965 the lower tier terrace was seated in preparation for the World Cup the following year, and in 1995 a new Grandstand was built above it, but the Leitch stand is still there.


For 100 years now, the stand has remained the heart of the ground. Hopefully the club will do something in September to commemorate the century of history that our South Stand has seen.


If anyone else has any more photos, post them here!









Great Post Kivo, My first taste of Hillsborough 1958 (your 2nd pic from top) Me and Dad used to go on the terrace at the Leppings lane end. Dad would stand at the rear with his back against the wall I would be down at the front holding onto the ralings. I remember the Policeman would tell us youngsers repatedly not to put our legs through the railngs as we would end up getting hurt.

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Anybody remember the little closed off bar they used to have under the south stand , sometimes used to drink in there in the early eighties.................................not sure but i think it disappeared when the new roof went on?


Not talking about the old Ozzie Owl night club , it was actually IN the stand.

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Sat in there towards the Lepp end from 70-72 with my Uncle George who was a shareholder and could get a young un in for nowt with his season ticket..used to love the wooden floors....used to be a crescendo of stamping whenever we got a corner!!! ....obviously along with 'ooh its a corner' chants!!! :biggrin:  ...aaand forget the booing nowadays,...the team used to get booed and also cushions used to rain down onto the pitch at the end of a half or game when we were crap...brilliant to see it was !!! 

I remember it like that too

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Anyone else on here remember the night they opened the stand so we could 'queue' for cup tickets.....Properly organised it was meant to be first one in sat in the first seat etc-etc all went t*ts up very quickly with peeps saving seats for their mates in the pub/at work/going for food n drink  ... twas a good laugh ..... it wer mad I tell thee!!! :biggrin:

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I know I've posted this before but Kivo said he liked it last itme.


Top is 1980 v Carlisle


Bottom is 2012 v Wycombe


Taken from my season ticket seat that I have had since 1975,  R 34 Seat 91



I think you've just shown me my age.


Was on the pitch for the first one, but stayed in me seat for the second. :biggrin:



p.s I think you've got my old seat.

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