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Quiz Question.

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I was in the pub the other night and there was a quiz question going around that everyone was having a go at and I wondered if any of you guys were as bored as I am today and fancied a go yourselves?


Here it is....


There are 31 non European nationals to have played for Sheffield Wednesday, can you name them?



(we got about 22 of them)

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Had a decent think.



John Harkes

Frank Simek

Craig Rocastle


Efan Ekoku

Deon Burton


Adem Poric

Franck Songoo

Mama Sidibe

Kenwyne Jones

Emerson Thome

Con Blatsis

Brad Jones

Ndumbu Nsungu

Lloyd Owusu??

Enoch Showunmi

Pablo Bonvin

Juan Cobian

Junior Agogo probably


Struggling for any more

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Con blatsis Australia

JJ, Burton Jamaica

Cobian, Bonvin Argentina

Sodje Ekoku, uchechi Nigeria

Reda Benin

Simek harkes US

Ndumbu Congolese

Sidibe Mali

Thome Brazil

Agogo owusu Ghana

Grobellaar(?) Paul Evans South Africa

Jalal Iraq?

Uddin Bangladesh?

Songo Cameroon

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