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Well Done Dave Jones !

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1) Top of the form table in the Championship.


2) Genius tactics against Hull


3) Correct selection for tonight's game.


4) Now get us those 3 points on Saturday.


Seriously all, a couple or 3 good additions to the squad and we might not be too far away from where we hopefully should be.


So what if we lost tonight, it just shows that our "back up" players are crap and we have no strikers who know how to score. Yes this can be blamed on Jones with his signings, but it will get sorted hopefully. Not an happy clapper at all but just being optimistic!!!!

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Poor result.

Right team selection aside from starting JJ.

disappointed to be out the cup but far more interested in survival in the championship, so not going to lose any sleep over it.



Agree though I am probably a bit more disappointed, never like losing full stop, especially not to a lower league franchise. 


Hopefully it will show MM what a lack of strength in depth we have and our desperate need to keep Helan and get a goal threat in. Less than a handful in tonight's squad that we couldn't do with out, need to get some of them out sharpish to free up some funds, be it on loan or permanent.

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Are you for real? We just lost 2-0...


Of course, we'd only lose at QPR and can hit Charlton in 10 days time when we are in some good LEAGUE form. Would certainly take 3 points on Saturday over tonight. And at least 1 against Charlton rather than having to travel down on a Tuesday night.

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That form table is wrong, Blackburn have won 3 drew 1 in their last 4 games lol


I presume this is a league form table and cup matches don't count. Blackburn have only won 2 of their last 6 in the league.

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