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Best ever season following Wednesday

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I was too young to remember 1990/91 and hadn't started going to games so not as passionate about football in 92/93 (and still too young to appreciate it) so for me it has to be last season. Everything about it, the complete rollercoaster and overtaking our bitter rivals at the very last hurdle.


Some magical memories of last season.

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Guest wembley1993

Have to go along with the OP, 1992-93.


Watching the outstanding player at the time in the country grace the blue and white stripes (Football writers footballer of the year Chris Waddle) was a priviladge.


Europe, those cup runs to Wembley, 3-3 with Man Utd on boxing day in front of 39k at Hillsborough, watching Hirsty blossom into one of the outstanding strikers in the country, Warhursts goal rush, the steel city semi final, that magical half hour period at Ewood Park in the League Cup semi, I could go on....


All in all a season I will never forget.


Brings back great memories..... Glad I was there to see it, we had some fantastic players at that time :Hirsty:

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This will obviously vary depending on your age but for me it has to be the 92-93 season, 4 trips to Wembley 2 away trips in Europe and a total of 63 games (i think) played that season of which i went to everyone of them. Some fantastic memories from that season looking back on the fixtures. Our strikeforce of Hirst, Bright and Warhurst scoring 53 goals between them. Happy days.

What part of thailand are you in?

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1991/1992 season. lived down south and loved every London away game, can't remember going to any home games that season.

After that would have to be 1999 / 2000 season where I introduced my then 2 year old son to the joys of suffering as a Wednesdayite.

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For me the 70's were the best, especially away games, the football was dire but there was something special about that time in the game...I didn't give a flying one that we were in the 3rd division, just travelling around watching the Owls with thousands of others was enough, the best was probably the 1 trip to Highbury & 3 to Filbert Street, snow all over the place...kin brilliant..

that trip to highbury was incredible, almost winning against all the odds and listening to the numpty gooners singing


"monday, tuesday, who the flip are wednesday


made me laugh so much

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Guest Bald Owl


I expected us to win every game with exciting football and lots of goals. And to see that trophy being lifted......


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