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Interesting Comment From Rosenior

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Leroy loves Wednesday.

I like him too, 100x better than that Claridge clown. Heskey on Soccer Am today was asked whos the least intellegent player hes played with he said Claridge!

Interesting comments too, I wondered what he meant by that too. He cant mean coming back from injury...?

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Guest Distraught!

Apparently we've got players coming in who can hit the back of the net


Somebody mentioned on here a couple of days ago that Andy Murray would be a good signing. :ph34r:

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He did say exactly that but I highly doubt he's ITK




He has to be ready and prepared to talk about 72 different teams. He isn't ITK, he just knows that we are struggling, we're goal-shy and we have a chairman with a little bit of coin who can't afford for us to get relegated.


It doesn't take a genius to draw the conclusion that a striker or two might be coming in.


I do like LR though. Much brighter and more enthusiastic about everything than Claridge is.

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