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Wolves on saturday

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Wolves are a rabble in midfield and leave gaping holes through the middle - Sako is a law unto himself with no discipline to keep shape - its there to be exploited.


This puts a lot of pressure on their defence


Unfortunately for us O'Hara is on the verge of starting games again and he will be the best central midfielder on show by a distance if he plays


I also think they're suspect at left back - central defence and right back is decent.


They have some tricky players and some decent sounding names who have hugely underperformed such as Ebanks-Blake and Doyle - they have some tricky players but no real plan - which has been their undoing


I just hope Saunders doesn't give them the discipline they have been needing otherwise they could click - i reckon they have one of the best squads in the division but they have had no direction.


It's a tough game - but then they all are

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Guest zico sterland

Could be a good time to play them while new manager settles in,If we play like tonight they are very beatable.Come on you Owls only 7 more wins to safety.

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Guest GrahamHydeFanClub

Got to win this one, watched their game against Blackburn last night and they were awful.


Was'nt good was it?

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