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Now who would you sign

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With JJ and Antonio playing upfrtont i think it worked well. Hull defence were scared to death. Coke and Mcabe in middle was good but looked more relaxed when Semedo came on. Defence really solid.


For me this is whos got to go.


Daniel Jones,

Rodri sent back.

Sidibe sent back.

Lines loan

Corry loan for expirience.

Mayor loan for expirience.

Maguire sell as whats the point.



Thats 9 gone already. Will bring wages down and wont give Jones such a headache with team selection.


Bring in a decent striker iff poss.

And maybe an attacive cm



And thats all i can think of really. Couldn't fault anyones game today. Coke for me has something to prove so let us let him prove it SAME WITH Madine.



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Guest tha_knows

still gobsmacked that sidibe is a professional footballer, lost it everytime he came on


I know, sure it was him who sliced it in our box just before Antonio's goal?? Seriously this guy isnt up to Championship standard, he would have been perfect last season in League One under Megsons long ball, direct style of play

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Guest totemowl

2 additions. I think today showed we still need

a pacey striker, comfortable with the ball, would help a lot.

And a CM to strengthen our midfield.

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Guest wilyfox

A pacey striker like Earnshaw let's get rid of the big lumps and trees


i'm with BG on this one. credit to JJ and Antonio for today's performance upfront, but we still need a hitman.

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Could Rodri thrive off that kind of formation? Or is he too slow? I was thinking we lacked someone in the middle at times with the predatory instinct.


I still think we need to sign a striker with good movement and cover for CB if Gardner gets injured. Sign Helan if possible and I still think experience in the middle of the park would be welcomed.

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