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credit where credit is due

Guest PHIL1867

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Guest PHIL1867

I am not a jones backer neither am I a Jones basher.

But I'll put my hands up, when the team came out, I thought what the hell is this bloke playing at he needs to go. Playing with no strikers! We are not Spain or Barca.

However we have just turned out our best performance (maybe on par with Birmingham at home) of the season.

So......... Well done DJ, let's have some more of the same.

We showed commitment and chased down dead balls, which in my opinion we have not done this season.

Let's march up this league to safety now.

As fans let's all stick together, there has been too much arguing on here lately.

(I've been told I'm thick myself recently, thanks Reading Owl) lol

Time to stick together and push OUR club to safety!



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