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The reason the players signing threads were bumped...

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If our signings really have been that bad then the fans shouldn't be screaming for more - they should be screaming for us NOT TO SIGN ANYONE !!




no, just better or of the same quality as some of the players he has signed, Kirkland, Gardner, Antonio

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Guest Big Guns

All the bumping showed was that most on here get excited about any crap player we sign

And Totaly disproved your fan blaming habit

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Guest Distraught!

Its not so much the players we have signed its more about how we have used them and the tactics.


No it isn't. It's all about how posters how here can use any kind of spin, disinformation, hype, propaganda or plain damn right lies to twist any situation against the current manager without accepting that these problems go deeper than him. Any other manager would be faced with the same problems. That being how to to maintain a position in a competitive league on one of the lower transfer budgets. Nobody is saying that Jones is blameless. He has made many poor mistakes and judgements. But the buck does not stop with him alone.

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Today I'd like us all to just chill out from the frenzy of why we've not signed Messi and how Dave Jones should be executed and have a read of some of the older threads about when the players were signed, their welcome (or not) and what fans were thinking and saying about them

Valuable reading there.....

Thanks I've just embarrassed myself by sobbing in front of my wife!

I came in went on owlstalk and saw 'Bothroyd signs' thread !

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