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Tavernier & Ranger

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Both did well here last time out, so why not bring them back, cant see us getting better quality players

to come here on loan on our january budget.

Don't know who you're thinking of, but the Tavernier we borrowed from Newcastle, was really poor, and the Ranger we signed from Newcastle was generally below par.

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Tavernier was only any use when we played him out of position, terrible at full back and then pardew threw his toys out the pram.

Ranger was terrible and offered far less than madine or Lowe, couldn't get my head around how he kept Lowe out of the side.

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I'd take Ranger.

Then again, I'd take any striker right now.


Tavernier did alright in League 1 - but he'll never return here on loan as a winger, which we found to be his best position.

Also I don't think he'd cut it in the championship, regardless of position.

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Ranger and Madine upfront would work, they linked up well and was up top when we was at our best.





Most of the games (though not all) it looked like we were playing with 10 men with Ranger in the team. Madine looked a far better player.

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