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Ross Barklay

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...and that's the very reason we shouldn't have him. We'd have to **** around too much to accommodate a player that could be recalled at the drop of a hat. If we are going to have him then it should be on a season long loan and he should be recruited early in the close season so that we can acquired the players to build the team around him.


It's been a big problem for this season. We have had to build 2 teams.

One with Barkley and Bothroyd in a 4.5.1 which nearly worked but not quite.

Then build another around 4.4.2 which s nearly working now.

Barkley could possibly fit in this midfield because it is less gung ho and has more defensive ability....but I would rather we brought our own young talent through and brought in an old head to play with them. I am thinking McCabe. Obviously Barkley and McCabe can't play together.

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Excuse me for not commenting properly on this thread, I'm just struggling to understand why anyone wouldn't have him back.

Because he isn't good enough. Can't tackle, can't mark, runs into opponents, doesn't press or track back. Thats why. O~ur midfield was better before him and Bothroyd came and has been better since he went back. Check the results.

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Guest Lawrie Maddens Hump

It's Barkley BTW. 


Whilst we need some experience in the middle and someone who is better than Prutton, I would much rather have Barkley playing than McCabe. Both are players for the future, but Barkley has much more in his locker than McCabe at this moment in time.

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When people mention having Barkley back we have insert the clause that he will need someone with some experience alongside him and that he would also be undroppable regardless of form.  He is not very flexible as he can only play in one formation but a thought for you, would he have been better alongside Prutton who could have provided that experience?

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I'm not getting into a long post because I simply don't have the time.

But Barkley is better than any other midfield player we have. He could play in a 2 in the middle, instead of McCabe... He's better than McCabe. He could play wide, he's done this at Everton before or he could play (and this is where I would play him) behind the striker high up the pitch.

However, I'll keep saying this... no matter who plays in our current system... until we change it then we will not see consistent performances and results.

As for the two posters in this thread... There is no point arguing with Ronnie because he simply won't accept anything anyone says about Barkley because he simply doesn't rate him, which is fair enough.

As for Beholder... It's not like him to have an opinion that differs from the majority is it? This seems to be the case with pretty much every opinion he gives. Nothing wrong with having differing opinions against the majority (I have them) but when you constantly go against the grain then you do have to wonder whether he's just being argumentative or attention seeking.

Finish with Barkley again... Is be delighted if we signed him again. Very good player.

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