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the worlds biggest Creche

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now now children, enhance your calm....   the massive division in the 'MASSIVE,' is apparent for all to see.

    (topic, is anyone else sick of this - 630+posts & counting,)


everyone take a step back and breath, I was a virgin on here till the other day so maybe not as emotionally drained as a lot of you but let me try an nutshell all this hype.


the big match seems to be MEGSON LOVERS 'V' CULT OF JONES 


 I aint gonna waste ANY time on megson lovers' cos even if theyre 100% sure they are right, ITS HYPOTHETICAL, cos he's not here anymore. so they cant be right can they.


 so we move onto the CULT OF JONES & this is my point.....  we r all pretty unified that in an ideal world the best thing would be copy man u, arsenal, everton, crewe in terms of managerial longevity,


 anyone who's a true fan of S.W.F.C. should have been a cult of tricky on his first day, cult of Irvine, cult of laws 1st day etc etc, (you get me drift.) so on that basis, as much as I think the cult of jones are deluded in wanting him to stay, (based on jones' ineptitude in every dep't rather than anything personal to the cult followers) i have nothing but admiration for them for still having hope, for still keeping the faith, i'd love to be with you lads, i was at the start, (as i am with every manager) but i only see a washed up man where modern football has passed him by...

                                                    an at 57y.old its already too late for him to be our long term answer anyway. 



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Why the flip would we wanna copy Crewe?

I think it was a general point about longevity of managers but since you mention it, although they aren't comparable to the other 3 in terms of results,

 just maybe crewe's production line of young talent thru the years has been their bonus for keeping a manager.

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I personally don't have an affinity to DJ or any other manager. I want whats best for Wednesday.

However, at some point we have to stick with a manager through the bad times instead of just wanting to get rid everytime we hit a bad patch. The reason I'm willing to give DJ the benefit is A, last season. Whether anyone wants to admit it, the football under Megson was dire. But we were picking up results (albeit not convincingly). Megson told us time and time again that our players couldn't play football. But DJ came along and let them play with freedom and we went from a team that were looking at just making the play offs to A team that stormed to 2nd place (I don't believe the "it was down to Ched" bolox either) B, I like the fact he's brought some promising youngsters in, that will see us in good stead for the future and C, none of us know whats going on behind the scenes. Has he been backed enough or has he had to make do like others have.

But at the end of the day it only really matters what Milan thinks. I trusted him when he got rid of Megson so I'll trust his judgement now. If he decides enough is enough then so be it

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