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Sackers or Backers !

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Now Wolves along with Barnsley and Ipswich have sacked there Manager it will be interesting to see which clubs stay up.


The Backers or the Sackers .


We should have sacked Jones in Nov/Early Dec and backed a new manager in the transfer window.


Instead we have Sidebi.

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John Pearson said that O'Driscoll is a long-term appointment and may take time to turn things around (ie. Barnsely would not survive with him there) and there is no guarantee he'll keep us up.

I am torn with Jones. I am not sure whether we are best rid, or whether he will turn things around, given time.

I think a lot of people are in the 50/50 court.

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Guest Sniper1

The club with the better players will stay up.

Wolves and Ipswich will stay up.

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