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Where will we end up?

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Relegated - we're bloody sh*te, really sh*te. 


Some sort of minor miracle in the transfer window (we actually spend a bit of money/show some ambition) and my opinion might change, but now we will get relegated with the current lot of playing staff. 

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I think every club would say they would be higher up if it wasn't for ref decisions





Never been a season as bad for us in my life.


Some real howlers. 


Beccio's diving save.


the bristol city debacle.


Helans pen at hudds.



plenty more.

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Guest Phil_Owl

I really hope that I am proved wrong but I can’t see us staying in the championship, if we are to compete we need better players than cheap bargain basement players and has-beens  from the premiership here on loan, not an happy bunny right now

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