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Kieran Lee

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Guest Bedders

With Lee, Helan & Prutton we seem to be getting hold of the 2nd balls at last. Previously we seemed to stand off in the name of shape & let teams punish us with more-or-less, dead ball situations because we didn't seem to pressure the ball or the play.


Some could argue that we did the same in the last game...but if you watched carefully we tried to let only their centre-halves have the ball & as soon as they entered into our 'shape'.....the whippets were snapping at their heels. 


Keep up the good work lads! 

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He's one of a few that has taken time to step up, and that many assumed prematurely that he was a flop signing. No reason why the likes of Maguire and Mayor can't do the same as Lee...


Precisely. I mean, isn't it possible that when he's played he 'looks ready' precisely because DJ wouldn't play him till he felt he was?

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Guest JonTheOwl66



He covers alot of ground, very impressive, he came through the Man Utd setup right?





I was just saying, not having a go or anything.

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DJ said he wasn't ready yet so he didn't play him.


When he finally gets to play he looks good, so either DJ decided not to play him until he was ready (which is perhaps testament to his promising appearances), or he doesn't know what he's talking about at all.



He was one of our better performers on his first league start when we lost to Bolton at home months ago and looked ready then but didn't get another proper run out until December.

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