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Wednesday Player - Thanks a ******* lot !

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So my repeat subscription for Wednesday Player goes out of my account on 31st Decemeber for £42.99 (1 calender year)


And then today 2nd January they announce NEW subscribers can get it until 18th August for £18.99


Wish they would inform me just before insertion then next time I can prepare myself with some lubricant


Anyone else feeling a little taken for granted ? I seem to recall they did a similar deal at the start of the season, happy to be corrected of course.


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I turned off auto renewal last year after the exact same thing happened to me as well, this year I got an email saying it expires mid January so actually was going to let it expire as the service is pretty poor and still not HD which to me isn't acceptable these days (not to mention the quality of the full matches is abysmal), but then got the email about the £19 offer and decided to take it.

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