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Another season for DJ

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Guest Hola Tidman

I think we need stability so part of me says stay




with DJ's transfer record i dont think we'll ever get stability in the playing squad 


tough one

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this is hilarious

Another season definately.


DJ would have to sort his poo poo out, and things would improve dramatically. If he didn't, MM would take action, and nobody could really have any complaints.



i'm double posting and i don't care

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Yes zzmdu even if it was on goal difference. DJ is a good manager lets just support him. There is no one better and (just to maybe pre-empt you) that includes GM.



Not Megson for me,although he is  manager designed for a relegation scrap.PDC or Mark Robbins for me (if they would come).


On the basis of this season - I don't think that DJ is a good manager, I don't think he has any passion for SWFC or possibly for football anymore.


IMO we easily have a squad good enough to stay up, we need a manager who can manage them and get them playing as a team. DJ has blown it with us this season - I can't see a future with DJ.

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