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DJ says we need to lose players first.....

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Remember league 1?


Any players we need rid of will be quite at home there.


A better team took one of our lesser players (Beevers).


As hysterical as we get about how abject some of our players are - rest assured they are probably not as bad as you think.

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Guest Sniper1

I was hoping for a bit more ambition from the club.

We are fooked if this is the plan for this transfer window.

This is the one comment i didn't want to hear.

Basically, the plan for this window is panic buy if we can force out a player.

At least in League One we are massive.

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Guest Sniper1
No surprise if true.

Same masterplan we used last January.

You do wonder how people are expected to be confident of avoiding relegation when comments like that are made...

Got to agree mate, the hope i had was that Milan would do what it takes to keep us up.

We heard all summer that we were going to have a go at it this season and push on.

Yet all we had was freebies, Antonio with a couple of loans.

We are on our way back to League One and the plan is what?

Same as.

I was sat there today hoping we had 2/3 signings lined up, how wrong was i.

If we don't make significant signings in the next 2 weeks then the blame for this failure sits with one man.

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people keep goin on about this 'great run' but the table looks no better than it did b4 ffs
its funny how people say "we only need to win X number or get X points to pull away" yeah!! that's assuming everyone else around you is losing. Unfortunately the Championship seems to be splitting into two distinct categories - the top half fighting each other for promotion and the bottom half fighting for survival. Sadly, the reverse affect is different e.g. Huddersfield
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Guest Sniper1

On paper our squad is in the bottom 2/3.

We have one attacking player who belongs at this level.

If the Chairman is happy with that then lets give up too.

It doesn't feel that good to be putting money into a return to League One.

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