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What's this shite?

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isnt it true that we grew too big for the place so moved to a bigger ground at olive grove, so the sheffield corporation or whatever it was had to make a new team so the ground wouldnt be sat empty and losing money and thats how Utd were formed ?

Kind of, they put our rent up so we decided to get our own ground and moved. Left them with an empty ground which lead (in part) to United being formed.

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<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Chriss" data-cid="4223303" data-time="1356829144"><p>

"Here's some stuff from the past, oh and here's some stuff from the past also."<br />

<br />

"But if you look over here there's some different stuff from the past"<br />

<br />


Have you noticed most of their history isn't actually anything to do with them lol

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