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Good deal at owl superstore

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Same noobs that moan about this kind of stuff year on year are the same ones that look on in fuming anger when a new kit gets brought out ever because they've only just bought full away strip for themselves and their 4 kids cus footballs not cheap now bla bla bla...

Can't wait to see the meltdown when the 2 new kits are brought out next year.

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Guest mrbluesky

So what about if you want to buy the away shirt?!

Not really fair to offer the away shirt free with the home one if you want to buy an away shirt, but not get the home one free with it.

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I was at the Megastore today and got my home and away shirt. this is the first away shirt i have had since the black and yellow pinstripe one. liking it alot and cant grumble for 40 quid. was surprised how quiet it was.

whilst i was there i picked up my tickets for my bro and his missus for new years day and was told that we had sold about 20k so far and they are hoping for a good walk up.

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