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Good deal at owl superstore

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So what about if you want to buy the away shirt?!

Not really fair to offer the away shirt free with the home one if you want to buy an away shirt, but not get the home one free with it.

Eh? What planet are you on?

If you want the away shirt, just buy the home shirt. You still get two for the price of one.

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Not had a look at the link (the club website makes me want to cry it's so bad) but is it buy one get one free AS WELL as still being on offer for £25?

Because that raises two issues if so:

1) It's very good value. £12.50 a shirt is cheaper than what you'd pay for a decent quality training shirt from Sports Direct or whatever.

2) It shows the insane profit margins on them when they're at full price. If they are still making a profit whilst selling them for £12.50 a unit, then it makes you realise exactly who much they make each summer when the new shirt is released at more than 3 times the cost (usually about £39.99 I think?)

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What if you've already bought the home shirt because you're a true fan? Will they send me an away shirt for free now?

If not, it's the last time I'm buying anything from the club shop again, it's biased towards the part time supporters


If you were a true fan youd already have both and the onesie!

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Guest on the band wagon

£40 for the adult home and £25 for adult away. I thought the home shirt had been reduced recently to £25 so has it gone back up, if so not as good a deal as it first sounds, £40 for 2 shirts is still not bad but hey will change again in the summer.

I know the club has to make its money but as above it shows the profit margins when after 4 months on sale they can be sold for half the price.

You take your choice as whether you buy them but the change every year and relatively high price does put you off

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