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Tooing and froing

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Tooing and froing..yessing and noing

Sidibe in ..Davey Jones... out

booing and hissing, coaching badge missing

its simply what Wednesday fans shout

You don't take on board

what is screamed from the hordes

you just do what the Wednesday fans do

head down just carry on...think about '91

get yer scarf on.. hold on to the blue

Fookin' Sidibe?? dunno why... it beats me

Christ....... do we play 631?

then i spin on me head and post......".just like I said"

"I think we will win it by one"

I;m a kneejerking fan, ive a kneejerk like plan

when we lose i'm inclined just to boo

I go "Meh" if we draw...bring back Jewell or Laws

If we win I say "Jones is the man"

I'm not gonna change cos i'm frankly ..deranged

but i still toddle down Leppings lane

and once through the gates...i will howl and berate

and I'll do it again and again

Ignore me mad chants..all me raves an' me rants

smile as I whitter... "hand ball"

all the players an' staff ...just look at me an' laugh

but in't end you don't matter...atall

Well done Wednesday today...fookin' brilliant

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