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Just Setting Off - To The Reebok

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Just got out of bed.

Going to have a lounge about, a leisurely breakfast, then casually get ready before setting off in time for a pint, then to collect my ticket.

I didn't buy a ticket until Christmas Eve either.

I'll probably get up to celebrate our goal ten minutes after it goes in.

Relax dudes. Chill for Christmas.

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Guest Ripley Owl

Gutted, can't get today, hope you all have a cracking time lads and lasses.

Best Xmas in years if we pull it off today.

From an envious Ripleyowl 😎

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Guest davet30

Wish me luck to get there, and wish the lads a good day with a victory - UTO, WTID

I do I do I do wish you and the team luck. Drive carefully (if that's your chosen mode of transport) Give 'em a yell form me eh?


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