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Guest duggyowl7

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I've still got a hole in my shin from the seat in front when celebrating Burton O'Brien's late winner at Plymouth about 6 years ago.

Shirtliff's injury time winner at WBA in 1990 was mental, running around the flat bit at the top of the terracing.

You must have been next to me, that's where I was, I'd given up on anything happening and was heading for the exit, them we got a corner........

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Guest Triplej2

Waddle's free kick against United at Wembley.

That was the single most joyous feeling I've ever felt at football and looking a the entire Wednesday end erupt was one of the finest, craziest sights I've ever seen.

I particularly enjoyed COG's against United last season, that was flipping epic celebrating.

Also Varney (I think) away at Forest under Irvine. That away end is quality for mental celebrations especially cos everyone is bladdered!!

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Guest Dutch Oven

Whelans play off goal to go 3-2 up. I strode up so quickly that I fainted and fell over the barrier. Also due to me wearing my lucky wooly hat and scarf despite it being a very hot day- closely followed by Talbot's

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Mellors at Blackburn...I have rarely witnessed Wednesday fans go as mental...I was tryin' to chew through a fookin' crash barrier

this and for some reason Tranmere away last season everybody went ballistic
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