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The World Ends Tomorrow So If You Could Relive One Game / Goal What Would It Be ?

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According to the radio the world will end tomorrow at 11am. So we were relegated with the dingles, Jones did not get sacked, the blades did not go up (agent Wilson succeeded again) and we are left to reflect for 24 hours on life as a Wednesdayite. I have my own moments but interested to hear others first ?

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Boxing Day Massacre for the right reasons....

....and for the wrong reasons:-

Newcastle United 8 - Sheffield Wednesday 0, so I could run on the pitch and vent my dissatisfaction in no uncertain terms in the face of a certain Mr. Wilson without worrying about a lifetime banning order.

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Random one but the man Utd game in 97/98 including di canios late overhead kick just for one final reminder of beating the best on a level playing field

I preferred the 3-1 the season after when Alexanderson got 2 and Beckham and Keane both spat their dummies out.

Difficult to believe no-one has specified Wembley 93 against the blunts

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