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Outplayed by Barnsley

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Torturous 2nd half, but at least the defence and moreso Kirkland held on.

Best performance by Kirkland ive seen that, and no suprise it results in a clean sheet at last.

Still need to sign some players in Jan else we could both be going down this season. I'd even take Tudgay back (why didn't we sign him on loan instead of Barnsley?)

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Great 3 points but hoof, hoof and hope was the sum total of our tactics.

I guess ultimately no one will remember the performance - but it's a shock if that is all we have to offer.

You were missed in Chat Daz

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There are plenty of positives and I hope we take confidence from it. Away games are usually backs to the wall at times but we do sit so very deep, a better team would capitalise.

We sit deep but we hardly put any fecking challenges in, thats what annoys me.

We need to be more physical else better teams will just walk through us.

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We are getting worse. Ok we might get result but we are shocking. Can't keep ball. No midfield and Johnson and Antonio might as well stay at home. Get Antonio to stay on right . That is all

Would you rather we'd have dominated the game and lost?

No pleasing some people......it's a win

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You know last week when we were the better side against Bristol City but lost?

So many tvvats were saying the performance didn't matter, that it was all about results, scoring more than the other team.

Now we've done it to someone else the tvvats are going on about the performance not being good enough.

Just don't know what to say sometimes.

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