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New Sheffield Wednesday Related Kindle eBook

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First off apologies if the mods don't consider this the correct section but I wasn't sure which one to use out of 3 or 4. No grumbles from me if the thread gets moved.

I have been blogging about football for around a year and when I checked back now through my material it was around 60,000 words so I decided to publish my scribblings as a Kindle book.

My blogging has drawn praise from Gordon Taylor at the PFA as well as our own Carlton Palmer amongst others.

13 of the 43 articles are directly Wednesday related, others less directly for example the one on Dave Richards. The remainder are about some of the issues that cropped up in football during 2012, and I always give us a little name check where possible.

It is available through Amazon at £1.53 at the time of posting this. If you are interested but don't have a Kindle Amazon do a range of free apps that allow Kindle books to be read on smartphones and home computers.

The link to the book is:


Thanks for reading.

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