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Milan sort this mess.

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After this summers farcical transfer window I wouldn't trust Jones with £500 let alone £5million.

Couldn't agree more. Give him £5 million and we will probably end up with a 1st team squad of about 50 players! lol

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Guest Sweet&TenderOwl

Doubt we'll spend anywhere near that amount in January. But if we miraclously did, I'd ask then why wasn't it spent on a few quality additions in the summer?

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Once again, here we go ..............................3 things I expect to see in January 2013

1) we will not be spending owt

2) we will find it difficult to move players on especially if they signed 2/3 year deals in summer eg mattock /pecnik

3) any new players - which will be either loan / out of contract / free signings - will not arrive until Tuesday January 30th 2013 at earliest

we know how it is don't we ?

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Give Jones £5 mil in Jan, sign some quality, keep in this division and then next season we can push on.

Who would you sign if we had £5mil?

Seriously even if Milan lost his marbles and actually did decide to spend £5m who would come here

of that calibre? FFS

We have decent players, decent enough to stay in this league. They just need to be properly coached.

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