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Club Christmas Dinner:

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The evening was a bit flat tbh compared to last seasons (no surprise)

Roast beef was main course

All players were there, along with Milan, Jones, Paul Aldridge, Andy Daykin, and the coaching staff

Usual autograph hunters hunting in packs getting their stuff signed

I took a load of Semedo masks down and put em on Semedos table for Grandad and co to enjoy

Met a few nice fans, Owlstalkers, as well as the lads from POW (on my table) and Brell and co from Whitehouse Construction - all of whom contributed to the Semedo day event

Jones and Milan spoke to everyone on the microphone and spoke of their ambitions this season

There was a meal whilst fans and players went around meeting each other, photos took, stuff signed etc

Milan made a joke saying "even Gary Madine has managed to get a sponsor" which was an amusing surprise

There were a few fans talking about anything BUT football, and a few fans basically just blurting out everything from here like "Yeah but you lot aren't REALLY trying hard enough are you ?" and "Terry Burton was the key to all this tho - you've been dire since he left haven't you" which was 'awkward'

Overall a good night for anyone in a better mood than I was (wasn't really up for this night after reading the vitriol and abuse being lobbed about by our fans on the internet over the last week)

I'm not commenting on Jay Bothroyd (thought about it - best that I don't)


Owlstalk Shop




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