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Spoilt for Choice

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Just logged on.

Read threads tonight suggesting; Gary Neville, Steve Kean & Simon Grayson.

Other past suggestions - Paul Ince, Billy Davies, Roy Kean & Karl Robinson.

OK you've had your fun. It's understood that Jones has made a dogs breakfast of the season so far and his interviews are poor and, some of you want rid. In fact some of you would replace him with anyone - better than nothing seems to be your stance?

But, compared to the alternatives i'll stick with him thanks, for better or worse.

Jones isn't the sole problem IMO - and furthermore, I don't expect many others queuing up to come to wonderful S6 in our current state.

But, thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming.

Alan Irvine, anyone?

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Guest Big Guns

This is a 'Jones in' thread.

Surely, you can tolerate just one?

Yes I'm just moaning about all the new manager threads can't they just make one of them mega thread things

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We've picked up zero points from our last 7 games, not 1 name bought up so far on this forum could have done any worse than that.

I'd like to see him sacked ASAP (I actually think he should have gone 6-8 weeks ago) and replaced with either Billy Davies, Owen Coyle, Mark Robins or Paolo Di Canio. All of which I think could get more out of the current squad than Dave Jones currently is.

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Me too, long term stability is what we need Without proper investment, we are hamstrung, at least in terms of the speed we move forwards

I agree that we need long term stability. The problem is we have absolutely no stability at the moment. We are desperately changing formations tactics players every single game trying to find a winning formula. DJ has been backed good enough for a mid table finish but has wasted the money on below average players.

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Been out all day today, yesterday as well.

Still catching up on the threads.

For completeness I've missed; Nigel Worthington, Walter Smith & Ronnie Moore.

Yes, an abundance of riches.

TBF to Tricky Trev, Robbins isn't a bad shout.

What about this lad??


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In terms of paying a fee for players, the only significant amount we spent was on Antonio, who has had a fairly decent season so far. Maguire hasn't had much of a look in but he's suffered a few injuries and he's young enough to come good. Granted Taylor hasn't made the best of starts but again, I think he'll settle down. Of the frees, Kirkland and Gardner have done OK, most of the others are players brought in to develop for the future. Question marks I suppose over Lee and Pecnik who also haven't had much of a look in. Didn't Megson have a similar problem with Krasnic and Uchechi. Loans are always a risk, and we don't really know the in and outs of those deals when we talk about value for money. Of the permanent signings, which players have we wasted money on?

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Guest Ripley Owl

Looks like we have all got differing views and mine is that I think it's time for him to go if MM can find a suitable replacement.

That said I would love DJ to pull it round on Saturday and smash Barnsley to bits, on the start of a great run.

In Jones's favour, as Lee Strafford said,

Nine times out of ten, the budget is relative to where a team finishes and as Paul Aldridge has said, ours is mid to lower in this league.


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