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ex players who are managers

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Mark Robins

Paulo DiCanio

Nigel Pearson

Nigel worthington

Danny Wilson

John Sheridan

Danny Wilson

Peter Shirtliff

Roalnd Nillson

I would take any of the ones in bold. (would have had sheridan but for his poor job at chesterfield in a similar position)

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simon grayson ....andy sinton is manager at conference side telford

I'm sure Carbone managed some Italian team for like 3 months. Did terribly, though ...

Isn't Dan Pet-rescue also a manager somewhere random ?

not that random mate dynamo moscow no less.......

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Is he really ?! :laugh: Didn't know that, brilliant.

Player manager by the way...although i'm not sure if he's played that much this season.

My mate plays for them. Go up when i can to watch, nice little setup they have at Hallam now...brand new club house (and a decent pub across the road!)

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