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Kick in the boll ocks matches

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Off the top of my head -

- Palace the year before we went down - we eventually stayed up but it was a must win match at Hillsborough. We were 2-1 up in the last minute in a blizzard, and one of their players looped a header over Lee Grant, it was like slow motion watching it drop into the net - I was convinced we were down then.

- Pigs away 2-2 when they got two late on. Seemed like we were going to beat them away for the first time in decades, and i'd be there - but no. And we were in a relegation dogfight too, it seemed like those dropped two points send us down.

- Huddersfield 4-4 last year. From 0-2 down we absolutely ripped them to pieces. That last minute goal killed me.

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The season we got relegated from the Prem, 3-1 at Derby with a couple of minutes to go and drawing 3-3.

That was the game that relegated us in my opinion.

There's been many a kick in the nuts in the last few years

Hudders last year

Palace a couple of years ago

Walsall last year


But I've never come away from any game as gutted as the 3 3 draw at Derby. I remember Simon Donnelly put us 3 1 up in the 89th min and I thought it was won, then we conceded on 92 and 94 mins. Classic Wednesday f#ck up

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Looking back that was pretty surreal........to cap it off some Hull fans ran past me outside the ground and swiped me scalf, my dad wouldn't let me chase after them. :sad:

Scarf nicking was the equivalent of the Indians scalping the cowboys for a trophy of their victory.

A Man City fan tried nicking mine once, resulting in a tug of war, until an elderly Wednesday fan intervened. The lad had a denim jacket on with City embroidered on the back. "it's mine" he protested!

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Bristol City at Hillsborough 1958-9. We romped the championship and this was our only home defeat that season. It was memorable for me as it was the first time I had ever seen Wednesday lose.

We were 2-1 up with 3 minutes to go. They equalised and then John Atyeo(City legend and ex-England centre-forward) got the winner with the last kick.

I can still remember being stood on the Leppings Lane terrace and watching him cartwheeling away in delight(Players hardly celebrated goals in those days so I had never seen that done before).

So it finished Owls 2 Bristol City 3.

Not the biggest kick in the whatsits, but the first for me. And topical after yesterday.

I was also at that Hull 4 Owls 4 game, The Owls 4 Chelsea 4 league cup QF game, the Derby 3 Owls 3 game when we had to win.

All in one- supporting us has been one big kick in the gonads. :mad:

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There's been loads over years.

Ones that spring to mind.

Chelsea in cup, losing 3-2 after been 2-0 up in early 70s.

Chelsea in cup after been 3-0 up at half time then drawing 4-4.

Derby when we were 3-1 up and ended up drawing 3-3.

Derby in cup when wining 1-0 with minutes to go and Dean Saunders popped 2 in.

The 2 last minute defeats to Toytown.

Nothing will beat 93 Cup replay though. Absolutely devastated for weeks.

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