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Do you think Jones will change the starting line up again?

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Yesterday we saw vast improvements in our attacking and a sense that the team on the pitch had a better feel and shape to it

The midfield and forward line did great as expected when we saw the lineup pre-game

This should surely be a settled side now with changes only being made if individual players have 2 or 3 consecutive bad games

Will Jones meddle with it tho and change the starting line up?


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I'd be tempted to take Llera out, but who for I've no flipping idea.

I like him, and he's got goals in him, but his individual mistakes are costing us big this season.

And Reda needs to come straight back in when fit.

Also be tempted to give Maguire a chance when fit. Why not?

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The lads did ok yesterday and barring a set of freak circumstances would have won. But apart from Helen, Taylor and Kirkland that was our league 1 team, and if that's our strongest 11 Milan needs to ask Jones 'why have you spent a poo poo load of my money on players who haven't strengthened us'

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Guest Sweet&TenderOwl

The most predictable things this season or any other season, is that the starting eleven will be changed practically every game and that we will probably lose. lol

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